Favourite Feelings (iv)

Of the many reasons that I fell for you was because you notice the things I don’t think of, even though they are right in front of me.




Love is madness. It is so crazy that it makes me want to pull my hair out over someone the same moment I want to hug him sweat tight. It complicates when I want it to be simple and it simplifies to the point of being boring when I want it to be exciting.

Love makes me want to write. Sometimes the words just flow out of me. It fills me up, consumes me and makes me want to destroy myself in it. I am the hopeless hapless kind when I am in love. I am always in love but sometimes when it fills in me to the brim, I like to stop thinking the right and want to make the wrong. Love flows, tempts, ebbs but never leaves. It never should.


On a lonely beach, where I would walk the shores while the sun painted the sky pink and the little waves ran and kissed my feet. Indulging in sinful chocolates, I slip into a tub of foam surrounded by sweet smelling candles and rosy petals, mimosa in hand.

Sinking into your arms I close my eyes to bliss. 

A whisper saying “i love you”. A blush. A smile. A tender kiss. 

A night of deep heated passion spend under a moonlit sky while the waves could be heard crashing nearby.

A snuggle and I open my eyes to the morning to see you sleeping peacefully with a smile curved on your lips and I close my eyes again to dreams.

The thing with love is that when you are alone in the middle of such picture postcard moments, you will miss that special someone around you.


I don’t know who you are and where you be, I just know that you belong with me and I am right here waiting for you.

2 AM talks

“So how do you like your coffee?”

“With great company, usually. You?”

“Strong. Like how men are meant to be”

“So you like your men strong?”

And it went on… till…

“So what song do you have for me?”

“Falling in love at a coffee shop by Landon Pigg”


Landon Pigg