A (i)

We never met in person. Just chatted and sometimes spoke over the phone. I still remember the day we first video-chatted. I had to be intoxicated to overcome the nervousness. Don’t know why it felt so surreal. But you had it in you to make me do the things I otherwise would never have. You had a way with me and I still can’t understand how and why I gave in to all your asks.

Somewhere during our conversations, I knew I had fallen for you but too scared to say anything. A lot say that I still live in a fantasy land when it comes to such things. Maybe I do. How else would you explain the heartbreaks? I don’t regret falling for you. Somewhere deep down I already knew that we wouldn’t work. Probably because I had started to let myself revolve around you. The only thing I’ll probably regret is not telling you that I fell for you. Hard.

10th February 2017 – Serendipity

It was a drab day at work and I was still in my Pilates hangover from the previous evening. With Facebook open in front of me, I just typed his name in the search box. Just one profile came up and I knew it was him. Without thinking much, I just hit ‘send friend request’. Two days later, when he messaged me, I got to know the one I sent the request wasn’t the one who I was looking for.

Sometimes, mistakes can be your serendipity. For me, it was ❤