R, Happy Birthday!

2 years and 1 days ago, I was under some hysterical mode. It was a day before the birthday of the love of my life, R and I needed an awesome cake. More so because my man loves to eat.

Being a baker myself, I knew exactly what I wanted but because I had to be at work at the entire time, I wasn’t sure I would have been able to give it the time it deserves. And this cake deserved time although it wasn’t very fancy.

I reached out to a few home bakers through a facebook group and sounded like a crazy woman with OCD interviewing experienced bakers on every step of how will they make the cake I want. I was clear. I wanted a two layer chocolate cake with mocha fresh cream frosting lined with Kit-Kats and topped with Nutties. That simple!

After a bunch of these crazy calls, I finally placed the order with one lady only to get a call back from her in about half an hour telling me how little she would be spending on the required chocolates. She lost me half through that 1 minute phone-call making me regret about giving her the order. I hung up hastily, trying to think of a good reason to give her and cancel the order. Not being unable to think of anything more convincing, I called her back and told her that I would be doing it myself.

I left work and ran around the whole of town trying to get my ingredients in place. Unable to find Nutties in over 10 stores, my panic levels were on the rise. Think the heavens above took pity to my misery and led me to a store from where I picked up all the packs they had in stock. I knew I may not have needed all of them but I didn’t have the time to risk it.

I got home to my pots and pans and whisked all the things together in butter, sugar, cocoa and love. Five hours later and minutes away from midnight, I finally had something in place.


Although we aren’t together anymore, this day is and always will be special. Happy Birthday, Love.