R – Much to my anticipation

I’d never been on a date ‘date’ before that. The guys I was seeing before R were either from college or work. So there was already a sort of familiarity. I was newly single after a three year long toxic relationship and was just exploring tinder.

My first meeting someone on tinder went horribly wrong (more about that later). Hence, I was skeptical about meeting more people from tinder. Nevertheless, R, someone I matched with on tinder, sent a ‘Hi’ and I reciprocated. We chatted for a bit of the day for he next two days and I was still unsure of absolutely anything at all. All I knew was the tinder chat was tedious so I offered to switch to Whatsapp.

We continued to chat about random things we he asked me the next day if it’s okay for us to speak over a call. I froze at the very idea of it. A million incoherent thoughts went through my head. All stupid ones and they just wouldn’t stop. I just told him that I was nervous about speaking on call. He seemed like the kind of guy who would make me go weak in the knees. I just didn’t know how to handle it. He promised it would be okay and I so wanted to believe him.

When R called that evening for the first time, I didn’t have it in me to pick up the call. Those incoherent thoughts hounded me again. I sent him a text saying that I would call back in 30 minutes and with every passing second I was just becoming a bigger wreck. 45 minutes into tell him that I would call back, I finally gathered the nerves to dial his number. His ‘Hello’ sounded so familiar. It did put me to ease but I was still nervous. Really really nervous.

We spoke for a good 45 mins as I paced quickly in the parking of my building. I realized I was speaking much too fast and too much and I am pretty such my heart rate was upwards of 100 because in the middle of our conversation he asked a couple of times, “Why are you gasping? You sound breathless, are you okay?”. Little did I know that I was already in trouble. I had begun to fall in love with someone I’d never met, spoken just once and chatted with a few couple of times.

We chatted and spoke on call on the following days and he asked me in one of those conversations if it would be okay for him to kiss me the first time we met. I didn’t think. More like I couldn’t think of the perfect reply. I just asked him not to ask me in the moment in case he plans to go for it.

It was the first Saturday since we had started chatting and I was in the middle of just another regular day. R messaged me around noon asking me if I wanted to go out for a drink in a couple of hours? ‘Weren’t we suppose to meet for breakfast tomorrow?’ was the only thing I thought and just said yes. I knew if I thought about it at all, I would’ve overthought.I tried to stay calm but had panic written all over me. I had never been on a date ‘date’ before that. And although I had just seen his pictures on a dating app, it was practically a blind date! What should I wear and a few hundred other ‘W’ & ‘H’ questions filled me up and I had no answer to any of it.

Ofcourse OCD kicked in and I reach before time as I never understood the concept of fashionably late. It’s often so that on a date, the girl comes in later than the guy where he gets to pull the chair for her and blah blah blah. In this case, I was seated, flipping through the menu, even considering downing a drink to calm my nerves and nervously anticipating what my reaction should be the first time we met – for a moment I even considered if I should pretend that I didn’t recognize him. I knew it was any moment now.

R walked in so coolly! He looked around and spotted me. We both smiled and he just started walking towards our table.

He was HOT! Why did he even want to meet me? Do I look okay? I look trashy! Should I just hide? He is so tall! I am so short! Much like a midget in front of him. I am so inappropriately dressed. He is HOT! He is gorgeous! – some of the many million things running on my mind. Nervousness overtook and I needed a drink. Calm down me!

I was still having a hard time comprehending what to say or do next. He came and sat next to me. I asked him to choose my drink since he was familiar with the place and it was my first time there. I don’t remember what exactly we spoke about but I am pretty sure that he was the one who spoke the most while I shredded a piece of tissue paper to the tiniest of bits and the bits into further bits – all unconsciously while so engrossed in the conversation all due to nervousness.

I have little idea how quickly the next 6 hours flew by. We were both high (me much more than him) and all that was then on my mind was ‘Are we going to kiss?’. We got to the elevator and much to our luck, were joined by another guy and I knew nothing was happening. But much to our luck again, the guy got off on the next floor and now it was just the two of us. I couldn’t help but smile, cheese and looked at him. It was quite blur but I am pretty sure he was smiling too and just bent down and kissed me. It was magical. I just wish the elevator had some stopped mid-way and we kissed for longer. He left me in giggles and the butterflies in me felt alive again.

More later.


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